OKI c9600, open top cover 310

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    Lets not assume it is 9600 - PB40S showed up not that long ago while OKI C9600 is quite old, there is ES3640, CX-3641, C900/920 family, while they all look quite similar, they're not really are.
    What do you mean you "lost it", what leaded to that lost?
    There is Engine Control board that controls Control Panel and all internal processes, there is Image Process Board (Formatter) that holds all communication ports USB and network, holds internal WebPage and system software that machine runs on, did Xante specify which one?
    DO NOT TOUCH NVRAM on these machines, this is absolutely last reserve. Upon executing NVRAm reset, machine, most likely will forget it's identity i.e., it may stop thinking of itself as PB-DP40S and you will need a specific toner patch to restore it to its original state that I can not help you with. While it is not the end of the world, this will not render machine useless but you will get the message "Incompatible Toner" and would have to figure out what machine is thinking of itself now - most likely it will be some OKI model. this will lead you to need to replace all chips in all toners to match the OKI model that machine will think it is now, so lets not do this unless absolutely, absolutely a must.
    I have sent you a PM, lets take it from there.
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    thanks for the reply
    Xante said if I am missing Network settings from Menu then I need a control board p#410-100346
    I was able to get USB settings to work, not sure why it is working, but still no network settings.
    NVram is missing and not in the menu so basically there is nothing to reset.
    I will give you a call later. Thank you
    I would not mind this unit functioning as an OKI at this point. Consumables are much cheaper.

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    HI OkiTech,
    Thanks for all your helpful input here. I have a similar problem with my Intec XP2020 which is showing same Error message. I will much appreciate if you could help me with the replacement part needed to fix it. Kindly inbox me at albertangenu@gmail.com so we could handle this backdoor. thanks

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