Xerox DC 250 Little Black Spots (Damage) On Black Drum

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  1. Timothy Dunu

    Timothy Dunu New Member

    Jun 2017
    My dear forum members.

    I have a very challenging situation with my Xerox Dc 250 Copy printer:

    The problem lies with black section; prints black sports on a print out.

    When I removed the drum unit I noticed that there were a lot of spots on the surface of the drum and the drum got damaged . They weren’t the toners that formed the spots but they were peeled out coated layers of drum. (in little -little spots.) The new drum on the machine hardly prints 200 to 300 copies and it will damaged the drum with spots again.

    I had lost new 6 assembly of black drum cartridge units caused of this problems

    I had changed developer unit, the problem remained the same.

    I had filtered all developer to see if there is any sandy material or foreign object but I could find any thing in it .

    I consulted other technician he said that my electric power supply is bad , I went and purchased battery -inverter and sourced my electric supply from it, the problem still remained the same.

    Please can any one help me and solve my challenge.

    Thank you .

    Timothy Dunu

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