Xante Illumina - color shifting side to side

Discussion in 'Xante Color Laser Printers' started by Jill Velez, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Jill Velez

    Jill Velez New Member

    Oct 2017
    Los Angeles
    hi! so, suddenly our printer is printing a requested hue but with the left most portions warmer and the right more portions cooler in tone. it's a slight shift but obvious to the eye. kind of an ombre effect. we have swapped everything out and wiped everything down and it remains the same. we have tried other colors and patterns and the change very gradual but it's there. on some prints, it's more of a density change, where the color every so slightly, gets lighter.
    any tips? this hasn't happened before.
  2. Biggs

    Biggs Member

    Mar 2017
    Edison, NJ
    Normally i'd say one of the drums is at the end of its life. As its internal developer has lost its magnetism. But, I'f you've replaced all the imaging units, then it could be a calibration issue. If you go into the printer menu, into calibration, there should be an auto density correct calibration and a manual one (depending on the model) The manual one should let you - say - increase yellow density in 3 positions. Top, middle, bottom. Just tweak the side that's over or under saturated.

    Why this happened all of a sudden? That, i'm not sure of. I know my OKI900 during the winter time or other low humidity times tends to grossly over saturate magenta.

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