Wohlemberg, EBA or Schneider Senator?

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    Jan 2015
    Bucharest, Romania

    I'm running a small offset print shop in Bucharest, Romania. Until now I did not have so many jobs, and I used my neighbor's guillotine.

    But now, I want to buy one. I have a small budget (around 3000 euro). At this moment I have found 3 options:

    1. Wohlemberg 76 from 1981. Around 2000 euro, but the machine is prepared for transport (is disassembled) and the seller doesn't have any video with it. Without safety cell, air table or programs.

    2. Schneider Senator 92 MC from 1980. The price is around 3000 euro, the machine have safety cells, air table and programs. The owner have pics with it installed and it's location is in Germany.

    3. EBA Multicut 10/720 CNC. Ifound one in Germany for 1900 euro, and one in Romania for 3000 euro (i saw it and is looking ok). I like this one from Romania because the seller is providing free moving and installing.

    Which one should I consider to buy?

    Also, the how much can cost the preparing for transport and loading on truck?

    Thanks in advance,