What medium-duty digital press to buy?

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    So our little print shop just got a grant so that we can upgrade our digital press scenario. Wahoo! We're looking to get an upgrade to our primary MFP, a Xerox DocuColor 242 (with high capacity tray and professional finisher), which is over 13 years old and driving us mad. This primary printer would become our secondary.

    We're a very small staff and frankly, are struggling to make ends meet. We own our printers and have no service contract on them. Both the DC242 and our Canon IR7086 are "unserviceable" by our local tech shop, which isn't really local or fast to respond. We may get a tech here in 2-3 days and that's a lot of downtime. I've been servicing the machines myself with (mostly) success. This is important to note as I'll probably continue to self-service whatever new machine we purchase.

    So what are we printing?
    • 95% full-color, color and image quality is very important, lots of color depth needed.
    • Color calibration every couple weeks, so should be easy-ish.
    • Size-wise: small A7 cards up to 12"x 18". (max size should be 13 x 19)
    • Weight-wise: Hammermill 24# is our house stock and we print probably 25% on it. 80# text up to 110# cardstock. In gloss, matte, uncoated and C/1S... very wide variety.
    • Duplex, duplex, duplex. Would love to have auto-alignment/registration.
    • Bookleting is popular, Perfect bind, C and Z folding would be amazing.
    • Stapling and hole punching less important.
    • We print from Adobe Acrobat Pro almost exclusively. Not sure if an external RIP is necessary.
    • Mac and Windows friendly would be a bonus.
    • Would love to do envelopes with a separate fuser.
    • Looking at 20k - 40k impressions per month months.
    • Needs to be less than $7000
    I'm currently eye-balling a Xerox 700i with a full set of peripherals. Also a Xerox 700 with a full set of peripherals.

    What is a good impression count for these machines? What other makes/models should I be considering? What other questions should I be asking?
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    The last time I checked this particular model on Xerox website, I got the impression that Xerox 700i/700 are no longer sold as new units. But instead of taking chances its always good to go with what you know works best. Also it is important to think about the service techs in your area especially if you are considering any other type of digital press. You can explore other varieties here https://productz.com/en/search/xerox