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    Mar 2019
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    Had my mechanic come in and do some work.my wash up tank was trash ,washed up manually.remove the tank because we don’t use it.heres the problem you go into service display to engage the blade.it used to show unit one and unit two .since we took out the wash tank it only says unit 2 . #one is not there now. Don’t know what happened or how to get it back. Need some help.
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    Oct 2008
    Id suggest that you hook the tank back up with all the electronics and just proceed with the manual wash-ups if you don't want to fix the auto wash function. If you feel that you must get rid of the tank, then you will need to hook up the sensors that tell the press electronics that all is set for wash-up. To try to explain here would have my fingers sore from typing but a willingness to get down under the catwalks and get dirty will have you knowing what to do.