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    Feb 2019
    Hello all,

    To avoid any confusion I would like to be upfront. This is not a product promotion post. There is nothing for sale. I am simply wanting to open up a dialog with other printers about where I should take this project next. The site is free to use. I’m not mining data. I’m just looking for a few print shops interested in alpha testing and providing feedback for a new piece of variable data software we’ve been working on as a hobby project. Printing and especially variable data printing can quickly become a complex process and oftentimes requires a steep learning curve of various different concepts and software applications. My project;, is designed with the goal that even someone completely unfamiliar with professional printing will be able to produce a print ready and problem free PDF/VT.

    As this is only an Alpha version many features available in other software were either implied, such as “Never Clip Text” and “Automatic Colorspace Resolution,” or removed, such as “text alignment” and “data based rules.” Our main focus with this release is simplicity and speed. Because the software is web based we want to make sure it will do the most basic functions; take a datasource (currently only a csv file) and merge it efficiently, in a way that can be easily adapted to fit various workflows. While we welcome all feedback please keep this in mind as you test the software.

    We are mainly looking to answer a few basic questions. Does the software perform in the manner you would expect? Was it easy to learn? Could the output file go directly to your print queue without any additional modifications? And what features are “must haves” before you would consider using this software in a production environment?

    Those interested please visit

    Current Features:
    • Dynamic Gang Run Imposition
    • Automatic PDF Flattening and Colorspace Conversion
    • Automatic Colorspace Conflict Resolution
    • Static Text “Stamp” Overlays
    • Dynamic “Variable Data” Text Overlays
    • Drag and Drop Layout Preview
    • Rotating Design Sets
    • High Speed Merge Algorithm
    • Output Meets Current PDF/X4 & PDF/VT ISO Standards
    Current Limitations:
    • Page Images - Will Only Accept Basic Image Formats & Single Page PDF’s
    • Datasources - Will Only Accept CSV files
    Your feedback will help determine upcoming features, but currently being considered are:
    • UI Enhancements
    • Overlay Alignment Shortcuts
    • Textfield Justification Buttons
    • More Font Choices
    • User Specific Font Upload
    • Data Source Manipulation Rules
    • Printstream Manipulation Rules
    • Zip File Support
    • Layout Save & Recall
    • Auto Counter Overlay
    • Barcode Overlays
    • Graphic Overlays
    • Slip / Bundle Sheets
    • Multipage PDF Support
    If you would like to have a walk through of the software prior to testing please contact me here or at