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Used 2012 Komori GL840P+CX w/ HUV

Discussion in 'Offset & Digital Presses for sale' started by Brian@sellyourpress.com, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Brian@sellyourpress.com

    Brian@sellyourpress.com Member

    Mar 2014
    Mobile AL
    2012 KOMORI GL840-P-CX HUV

    Offered as Owners!!

    IMMACULATE, Fully automated 28x40" 8-color offset press, convertible perfecting 4/4, interdeck and end of press HUV curing system & state of the art quality/ productivity technologies. Available 1st quarter 2018.

    Enhanced Automation
    • PQC-S PRESS CONTROL with Touch screen
    • PDC-SX Online Spectral-Photometer with Pol-Filter function and automatic register control
    • KOMORI KID Wall screen display
    • KOMORI KHS-AI Control
    • KOMOR F-APC Fully Automatic-Benderless Plate changer
    • KOMORI Fully Automatic make ready - AMR
    • Feeder Side Blower Preset
    • Inker Phasing Remote Control
    • Paper Thickness Preset
    • Sucker Height Remote Control
    • PQC-S (Print Quality Control) - Floppy Disk
    • Feeder Pile Sideways Control
    • Automatic Perfecting Changeover
    • All Automatic washing devices
    • Semi-automatic Blanket changer
    • Oscillating Timing Remote Control
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • Eight Color 8/0-4/4
    • Maximum Speed: 15,000 sph Straight or Perfect
    • KOMORI Double Diameter/ Triple Cylinder Perfecting Design
    • Sheet Thickness Range: Up to 24 point board
    • Ink Unit Temperature control
    • Inline Tower Coater
    • H&B Chamber blade system
    • Coater Semi-Automatic Plate Changer with Toolless Clamp
    • Adjustable Coater Off Timing
    • UV Extended Delivery
    • Remote Control Transfer Cylinder Cocking
    • Automatic Coater Blanket Cleaner
    • Automatic Coater Impression Cylinder Cleaner -PrePack
    • Blade Setter
    • PDC -SX Closed Loop Color and Register Control System
    • 2012 Advanced Integration (AI) Mechanical and Software Interface
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    KOMORI HUV Technology
    • Five Stations -four lamps - three power supplies :
    • After Unit 2
    • After Unit 4
    • After Perfector
    • After Unit 8
    • Delivery EOP
    • HUV printing system produces without any noxious fumes
    • Printing on all coated, uncoated and rough paper stocks
    • Instant drying of the paper even on porous materials
    • Lower temperature during the printing process results in dimensional stability of the printed sheets
    • Powder-less printing
    • A higher and better color balance and improved color space
    • Saves energy and resources, reduces harmful chemical substances and reduces noise
    • Reduced paper waste, fast turn-around, no marking
    • capability of producing many different printed products with greater cost efficiency
    [​IMG]IMG_4764 by Brian Tunink, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_4762 by Brian Tunink, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_4760 by Brian Tunink, on Flickr

    If you have any further questions regarding this press please contact: Brian 251-510-1841 or email Brian@sellyourpress.com

    Don't see what you need? See our other inventory at www.sellyourpress.com!



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