transparency adhesives

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    Sep 2013
    Hi guys, need help urgently here.

    I'm doing a project that involves printing some detailed designs and the medium i'm using is a flexible substrate that wont adhere to inkjet printer inks.
    Now, the reason i want to use my inkjet printer is because it is quite new and it utilizes ink very efficiently and it is perfect for my project.

    The problem is the adhesion between the ink and the substrate. However, I noticed that the clear transparency sheets which are sold at most office supplies [such as this one ]
    have a special clear adhesive coating on it allowing inkjet printer ink to adhere to the substrate.

    I live in Sydney Australia and I'm aiming to purchase what ever the adhesive they are using (or anything similar that does the job) and apply it to my substrate so i can print on the substrate OR find a coating specialist that knows about this type of stuff so he/she can help me make it.

    Thanks in advance, i hope you guys can point me in the right direction.