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    Have not posted for quite some time.

    I would be very greatful if someone could give some guidance on proper setting of a stream feeder on an offset press or at least some guidelines to go by. We mainly run 80# and 100# Gloss text, 100# Gloss Cover, and some 50# and 60# Text Offset.

    Our press operator really struggles with the setup and I keep harping that this should be one of the most important things to get right, because everything else is a fight because the press does not keep running.

    The press is a adast 755 waterless press, but not a di press.

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    i would say that symmetry is something to shoot for when setting up a feeder. Id shoot for symmetry not only in placement of wheels and suckers but in drive pressure of wheels. Id also suggest that you stick with the rule of minimum. That is to use the minimum amount of everything needed to get the job done. Starting from the feeder head... minimum amount of suction to lift the sheet without lifting doubles. Minimum amount air blast to lightly flutter the sheet as its forwarded into the drive wheels. Minimum amount of pressure on the drive wheels to control the sheet as it begins its travel down the board. Minimum amount of pressure on all feed board wheels to support the sheet. Minimum amount of pressure on the brush wheels to keep the gripper of the sheet in the headstops. So on and so forth all the way through the press until the sheet is delivered. If you can get your operator to abandon any notion that if a little is good than more is better he will have better results
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    If your stream feeder is using wheels and brushes on the back edge of the sheet as it enters the head lay, the wheels should be slightly behind the back edge of the sheet and the brushes just on, put a sheet in manually before you start the feeder and you should be able to set the bounce to the wheels
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