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    Feb 2015
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    I have a job that I run that is single color. This is one of my largest, and most steady jobs. It is a single color that is run on pre-printed shells. These shells are run 4-up on a large sheet at a different company. The end user has the shells cut down, and shipped to me where I imprint, single color, the final art. I then cut to finished size, package and dilver. I have been running this project on a QMDI for several years now. I just picked up a 2-color printmaster to help with work loads and to act as a backup. I am having a problem on the prinmaster keeping the solids clean. I get buildup on the blanket from powder, since the sheets are pre-printed, and paper hairs from them being cut down. On the QMDI i simply engaged the head before the head I was running so that blanket could pick up alot of the loose material, and I didn't have to wipe the plate and blanket that often. But with the printmaster I am having to constantly clean to keep the solids looking good. I am wondering what suggestions you might have to help with this, or if there are any accessories that may help.
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    Do you have an air compressor? Are the cut down sheets small enough to handle that you could blow air thru the sheets before putting them in the feeder? I have done that to blow out powder. Even better if you have a table top jogger blow air with the sheets jogging on that.
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    run the stock through with out printing...then clean up the press /all the powder that falls off ,..then try running the job..I have a terrible time with solids...I always end up putting in blank slip sheet so I can cut with out offsetting!!!