Set up for A5 PUR / Perfect bound books!

Discussion in 'Book Binding' started by James Cannon, May 8, 2017.

  1. James Cannon

    James Cannon New Member

    May 2017

    I am printing 4up on SRA3 sheets for my internal pages & 2up on SRA3 sheets for my covers.
    Once they are printed & cut I have to make 2 separate piles.
    The top cover on my SRA3 sheet only matches the top 2 A5s on my 4up SRA3 sheet the same applies for the bottom cover & the bottom internal pages.

    Im just wondering if anyone can help me so I dont have to make 2 separate piles as it is very time consuming. Is there a way I can match both so I dont have to create 2 piles. i.e. any section of the A5s on the SRA3 sheet can match and of the 2 covers?

    Hope this makes sense. Many Thanks!