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    Jan 2023

    I just bought my BN-20 device, I'm a little far from such machines. I have watched training videos many times. I did not have a problem with printing when buying. But because our magenta paint was finished when we bought it, we waited for 2 weeks to get a new one.

    And at this time, we did not use the device, it only did automatic cleaning by itself every 8 hours.

    Although the black ink is 80% full and I do normal, medium, strong, manual cleaning, it leaves such stains on the edges of the print when I buy a print. It only happens in black, we still can't figure out why.
    The only thing that differs from the one I received is to attach a slightly smaller foil, he was wearing a full size foil and I used a 350mm foil.

    Thank you in advance for the answers.

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