Ricoh Aficio MP C2030 under Windows 10

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    Jul 2017
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    Just wondering if anyone can help with this problem:

    I've inherited a Ricoh Aficio MP C2030. The only driver I can get it to work with under Windows 10 is the Ricoh Class Driver, which I suspect is fairly old. I'd like to be able to run the printer using any of the newer "Universal" drivers that Ricoh has because I'd like to be able to utilize 12" x 18" paper in AutoCAD, but this is impossible using the Class Driver. When I load any of the newer drivers they "see" the machine fine (can read, for instance, the tray paper settings) but the printer will not respond to any print command from any application. There's no exception thrown, so I'm thinking that the machine is not receiving the command at all. This leads me to think that this is a firmware issue. It's an old machine, so I'm not sure what its functionality is under Windows 10.

    Ricoh does list the "Universal" drivers as being appropriate for this machine under Windows 10, but there's no firmware updates that have anything to do with Windows 10.

    Is there anyone here who might have an idea as to what the issue is, or can steer me in the right direction?

    I'd be very grateful for any information.

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