Question about printing on transparency sheets

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    Hey... I'm new here. I don't know if this is the correct forum for this, I tried to come close. I apologize if I'm in the wrong forum. My question here is potentially stupid...

    Okay, let's say I have a transparency sheet, like the kind that goes on an overhead projector. Let's say that on that sheet, I want to print a color semi-transparent image. I already have the opacity settings in the image (which let's say is a PNG) set to say, 30%. If I print that on the transparency sheet, will the image actually be semi-transparent? Will the person looking at the transparency sheet actually see through the image, or is there no way that ink can be printed in this fashion? Is there any sort of printer, laser or inkjet, that can do this?
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    Inkjets are superior for this as the inks are thinner and more transparent.

    Conversely laser images being thicker and more opaque have a greater life before fading in sunlight so each has its place. I find laser prints to have a greater life than Fuji Century Prints under equal UV exposure settings - It may be Century Prints are in Archival conditions between the sheets of Acid free paper with the book closed.

    Ken Graham
    Dawson Creek BC Canada
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    I also have tansparency sheets called Veilish. It is made of fabric so I was wondering it would be printed.
    So I did some printing tests with solvent inks on the Veilish and I was pleasntly surprised with the quality of printed images!