Professional Print & Layout Bleeds/Marks issue

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    Sep 2019
    I am using Professional Print & Layout from Canon together with an Imageprograf-1000. My goal is to print an indesign document based on several hundreds of illustrator artboards which have placed raster images inside of them. Professional Print & Layout does not print PDFs, so I export my Indesign to PDF and then export the PDF from Acrobat to TIFF. Analyzing the PDF or TIFF with preflight shows everything is OK. Now here's where it gets weird.

    I cannot open the TIFF if I do not have marks and bleeds selected (this is not a requirement when I just try to print any other raster image that has not been processed through Illustrator, Indesign etc).

    However, the file DOES open when I export the PDF from Indesign with marks and bleeds on. It doesn't matter whether I enable all marks/bleeds or only, let's say registration marks. As long as something is enabled, it works.

    But unfortunately, enabling this option scales my image. The problem is that I need to print and cut an exact measurement, so having it a few mm smaller renders the output useless. To make it even more complex, when I do not use bleed, there is 1 page out of the 15 pages exported to PDFs that WILL load as intended.

    I am at a loss on how to debug this. Does anyone have some tips on what might cause the issue with Canon's Professional Print & Layout?