Problems with Mimaki sb411 inks

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    Mar 2019
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    So right before Christmas Mimaki forced us to switch over to these new inks and as we ordered new bags for replacement in our bulk systems- the colors vary quite a bit from bag to bag and this is a problem when you are printing 4000 yards of the same design for draperies. Until 3/19/19 Mimaki didn't acknowledge that a problem existed (if you bought their machines and didn't use their ink, they voided the warranties on your new machines in writing) they in fact keep no record of country of origin of their ink supply and bag it all the same so you can't just change out is anyone else having this problem- if so what ink system have you changed to- or does anyone know of any recourse from Mimaki. I know of no easy solution. Is anyone else having to deal with Mimaki over this issue and what did they say? Obviously we have to go through distributors and I am interested to see if everyone is hearing the same story.