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    Hello everyone,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for all the knowledge you have shared with this forum. I learn a ton within just a few hours. I and my partner are graphic designers. We design and sell children's color books.

    Currently, we send our orders to another printshop: A4, 34 double pages (black and white) on 120lb uncoated paper, matte laminated full-color cover, perfect binding, for $2 per book.

    We are looking to bring this inhouse so we can save on cost and have control over the type of papers and binding options. We want to have these printed on watercolor paper, cold press, maybe 300 gsm, and coil binding.

    Our volume is anywhere from 500 to 1000 books per day currently, and we have a set plan to bring this up to 2000 books per day within 1 year. We only print on demand.

    This is the list a vendor recommended to us:
    Tornado Autopunch: Punch, collate, and offset stack $29,950.00
    3:1 square die $ 2,995.00
    Akiles FlexiCloser x (2) Punch, collate, and offest stack $2,998.00
    Used MGI 8700XL Multi substrate XL Digital Press for papers, plastics and envelopes $29,995.00
    Used ALM 3222 fully automatic laminator $11,995.00
    Used Titan 200 20" programmable paper cutter $8,500.00
    Installation & training* $8,000.00
    Total $94,433.00

    I also am looking at Konica Minolta 1070 and AccurioPress C3070.

    After coming across this forum, I'm leaning toward 2 smaller presses. My initial thought on a budget is 100k, but I am flexible and open to financing. I just don't want to spend on the bells and whistles that I don't need. What is your recommendation for my application? Thank you so much for your time.