Polar N115 touch screen problem

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  1. pal006a

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    Jun 2021
    Hi friends . Good day . I have problem with my Polar N115 cutter . working fine but shows ( Touch screen is active ! ) the touch screen function not working . I replaced new touch panel but still same problem any help ?

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  2. CHOCK

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    Dec 2016
    Hi sir:

    Please do the calibration as follow:

    Important: In order for the calibration to be correctly done, a touchpad stylus, or something similar is
    required. Because the 18.5" displays are significantly more sensitive than the 15" displays from the X / XT
    generation, problems can arise if a finger is used for the calibration.

    Begin the calibration mode by pressing an area on the Touch in the free field above the keypad until the
    progress bar, which appears beside the Touch-Key „MANUAL“, indicates that it is complete.

    The beginning of the initial one-third of the progress bar’s movement is indicated by a single beep from
    the machine. After completing two thirds the machine will beep a second time and when the progress bar
    indicates that it is complete, and the machine changes to calibration mode, the machine will beep a third

    The display shows the calibration mode with a white-colored cross in the upper left corner. A total of 25
    calibration points are now displayed for touch calibration.

    Touch the center of each white-colored cross. A single beep will sound if the actuation was correct. The
    calibration point jumps to the next field. A wrong operation will cause five beeps to sound. The calibration
    point will not jump further. In this case, press the calibration point again. At the end of the calibration, i.e.
    when the last cross is touched, the machine will beep three times and automatically jump back to the data

    If problems occur during the calibration, the machine can be turned off