Polar 76 backgage not moving.

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    Mar 2019
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    Hi All

    Can anyone possibly shed some light for me. We have a Polar 76 that the back gauge has stopped moving when changing position. The operator said that the back gauge started slowing down then just stopped. I have tried turning off and restarting the cutter but the startup wont complete due to the back gauge not cycling ate start.

    I attempted to bypass the start up process holding the c key and manually moving the back gauge. I can hear the back gauge motor clutch engage but still no movement. The blade and clamp will cycle.

    Is this possibly the board or has the motor gone out? Is there a way to test the back gauge motor.

  2. CHOCK

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    Dec 2016
    Hi sir:
    1) Reset the switch Overload Q96 for Motor, clean and adjust the Pot inside with more Amps, tight very well the connector and the wires for Motor.
    2)look in electronic board ML Led V7 On normal condition = otherwise the limit swtich s13 must be tripped, see the connection with the wiring diagram, for loose, dirty, or faulty, repair and clean it
    3)look for electronic board ML Led v6 On normal condition= otherwise the limit switch s9+s8+s217a+s217b must be tripped, see the connection according wiring diagram, for loose , dirty, of faulty, repair and clean it.
    4) look for V5 Led normall OFF; the solenoid brake Y17 No action: see if the voltage is there at the terminal of brake Y17, or loose wires, or mechanical dirty, or winding rehehating inside, repair or replace it.
    Let me know
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