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Perfect binding machine helps you make business

Discussion in 'Finishing Equipment for sale' started by sophia, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. sophia

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    May 2010
    Perfect binding machine helps you make business

    Have you heard of perfect binding machine? What is it?

    With a small investment, you can install a total book making solution that requires no set-ups or format changes, minimizes scrap, and handles most coated stocks. Most importantly, it has the versatility to produce both soft and hard cover books, photo books, notepads, and reports.

    It is suitable for medium and short-run books. No need of complicated and expensive traditional large binding equipments.

    Machine is manual and easy to learn and to use. You almost hardly need to maintain it. It will last for many years.

    Machine Feature:

    Multiple types of binds : soft and hard cover books applicable.

    Affordable : Only around USD1000, economical but trustable quality

    Easy to use :
    It's easier to learn than an office copier! There are no set-up times or book format adjustments. It self adjusts for book thickness from 2 to 400 pages
    Compact and fully featured: Our binder will fit nicely on your countertop. It’s odorless and quiet. Nevertheless they are no sacrifices. It’s rugged, dependable and will operate economically for many years


    Graphic Arts Industry , Book Binderies ,Small Publishers , Copyshop, Facilities Management, Inhouse Printing & Binding, Libraries. Public Sector, Private Sector Companies, Accountants, Law & Notarial Services, Professional Advisors

    • Due to growing acceptance of digital printing and collating, copy centers worldwide are able to expand their professional capabilities.

    • One of the largest obstacles is counter space. Copy centers need to put a lot of machinery in a limited space. It's important that whenever possible, a machine perform multiple functions.

    • Packaging, delivery and delay in waiting for the job from the print finisher, creates unnecessary cost and delays compared to the savings if a our machine is used.

    • Staff training is a major issue if you have high turnover or a lot of finishing machinery. You need binding systems that are user-friendly and are fully supported by the manufacturer.

    • Personalizing your customer's presentations. This additional capability could enhance your profitability and give you an advantage over your local competition.

    • Time is money! For a short run, you can't afford long set-up time. our machines don't require setup time - you just turn it on and start to bind.

    • Minimize or eliminate scrap. The cost of scrap goes directly to your bottom line. our machines make high quality, perfectly square binds day after day.

    • Perfect binding is very durable and stylish, your customers will be pleased with the result.

    Want more specific details in perfect binding machine, please visit our website: