Pantone process blue C to CMYK

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    Jun 2017
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    Hi, I'm printing business cards at They are 100 lb. Gloss Cover (C2S) with Aqueous Coating.

    Not sure what kind of printer GotPrint is using. Seems the type they use may be dependent upon the volume of the print job.

    I want to use Pantone Process Blue C in my design but everything has to be CMYK for GotPrint.

    Pantone's website recommends CMYK 100 13 1 2 for Process Blue C. However, when I put those numbers in InDesign it doesn't look like the RGB 0 133 202 they recommend at all.

    Also the Pantone Process Blue C swatch in InDesign doesn't look like the CMYK recommendation either. Incidentally, the InDesign swatch measures the same RGB numbers ( 0 133 202) as the RGB recommendation.

    Converting the RGB recommendation and InDesign process Blue C swatch to CYMK give different results as well.

    Is it possible Pantone's CMYK numbers 100 13 1 2 are an error?


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