Noise in photo prints in hp indigo 5000

Discussion in 'HP Indigo Digital Presses' started by Raju, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. Raju

    Raju Member

    Nov 2017
    Hello to all my senior member's,

    I am facing a critical problem in printing ...As there is lot of noise in printing specially in photo prints ..In my Hp Indigo 5000 press
    Activity done
    1.Ink rebuild done
    2.ILD calibration done
    3. New pip and blanket installed
    4. All bid cleaned
    5. Full color calibration done with ok result
    6. All carbon brush cleaned
    7. Substrate properties checked with external densitometer
    But the result is same
    And I also got the same file printed on other 5000,. in that there was very less.noise .. not noticeable from eye ..
    Please help me with your valuable
    And also be with me on whatsapp
    Number +919810689766

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