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Discussion in 'Canon imagePRESS Digital Presses' started by elaine, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. elaine

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    Feb 27, 2017
    My company is considering purchasing a Canon ImagePress (C850 or 10000). The prints the salesman brings look awesomely beautiful. I'm wondering if the quality from the machine will hold up over time. Also, are the ImagePress machines reliable or can I expect regular downtime for service? We are a printing company that currently runs two HP 7800 presses and are looking for a lower-priced alternative to offer.

    Any feedback on the ImagePress machines would be appreciated.
  2. NPGtom

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    Napa, CA
    Might be too late, but I figured I'd reply anyway...

    We have a 750 and a 10,000.
    We got the 750 in November 2016 and the 10k December 2016. Both have been reliable and held consistent color. We also have a 6010 that we practically needed a cot for our tech it was down so frequently. We went from seeing a tech 3 times a week to once a month. We've put close to 1.3 milion on the 10k, and 60k on the 750 (it's just a proofer and emergency backup machine for us).

    I basically have no real complaints with the 10k, but the if you were to purchase a 750 for production purposes avoid a bypass tray and opt for a paper deck. The bypass tray guides float and causes poor registration, plus it only holds about 15-20 sheets of cardstock, so it's pretty painful to use for production. The lower paper decks cannot handle anything thicker than 80# cover, so you'll definitely need a paper deck if you plan to run anything thicker without sitting next to the machine all day.

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