Manual Ream Stack Cutter Questions / Comparison

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    Thanks in advance for your opinions here. I'm looking for a manual stack/ream cutter for a couple of reasons, including the inability to order paper without it being damaged. I exaggerate a little, but it's frustrating. So I want to order one size bigger and cut off dinged corners. For example, from 20.5x14.3 to 19x13. Additionally, I'm starting to publish books among my print products, and the page size may be irregular, so I will need to cut reams from let's say 19x13 to 16x13. The types of paper I'll like be cutting are 80# cover and a 80# or 32# text. Anything else would be on a misc basis.

    I'm looking at The Formax 16M, Dahle 848 and Martin Yale 620RC. I'd like to not get more pricy than that $2500 mark. I like Triumph but in that range I didn't see one with a cutting length as long as the three I listed.

    Has anyone had experience in general with similar cutters, or even better with these cutters specifically? Any thoughts, issues, recommendations? Please also see my question #2 below about min cutting length.

    Some specifics that are on my mind are:
    1-Formax offers a lame 90 day warranty, vs Dahle's lifetime warranty. Formax offers an extended warranty for about $275 per year...but ehh, puts a sour taste in my mouth.
    2-Minimum Cutting Length: This is of interest to me since I may want to cut only 1 inch off a stack of paper, if possible. The 16M claims a 1" minimum cut length whereas the 848 claims 1.75". In practice, would the 1" cut yield even results anyway? Or is it the sort of thing where it would be good if I only cut 100 sheets (80# cover, or 32# text) at a time?
    3-Space behind the bladed: The more the better here.

    So the 1" narrow cut has me thinking 16M but the warranty has me thinking 848.

    I don't expect to be able to accomplish 100% of my scenarios, but as many as possible. For example, none of these models can cut along a 19" length. So my scenario of cutting from 20.5x14.3 to 19x13 isn't perfect. I'd do one big cut on this new cutter, but then would have to cut small numbers of sheets at a time on my 26" Triumph guilletine cutter.