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    Jul 2022
    Hello to everyone,
    I am new to the forum and I am seeking the following assistance

    I am experiencing electrical problems with impression on a Man Roland press
    Typ: R606
    Diagram: 039C3884 38

    Problem: The machine is not going in impression

    Contactors 2D68 and 2D68A are energized; once these two contactors are energized the normally closed contacts will go open preventing the impression solenoids from being activated.
    Contactors 2D68 and 2D68A are being controlled by relay K3 on circuit board located in panel U108/2 the contact on this relay is badly burnt and there is a wire bridge on the normally open contact (see photo-1), this bridge on the circuit board is the cause of contactors 2D68 and 2D68A being energized, removing the bridge and replacing the relay (see part of the drawing in photo Drawing K3 – 2D68).
    Contactors 2D68 and 2D68A are now chattering which is being caused by relay K3 on the circuit board (see photo Circuit Board),
    We are stuck at this point as it looks like some parts of the drawings are missing and we would be very thankful for any assistance

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    Mar 2016
    For this machine, that means nothing. You should check the entire circuit with a multimeter. At most, it is often a bad contact of the contactor feathers.