Looking for thin translucent paper in the UK

Discussion in 'Canon imagePRESS Digital Presses' started by Brenn, Aug 15, 2013.

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    Apr 2013
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    I'm just starting to use a Canon ipf6300s. I primarily want to create dress patterns with it. Commercial patterns are printed on tissue paper, but I don't think this exists for this type of printer (it would tear).

    I'd like lightweight paper, and I'd really like it to be translucent so you can see the pattern markings on the reverse side. It also has to maintain the waterproof qualities of the ink so film is probably out. Inexpensive would be good too. I'm currently using Prizma colour ST 60gsm. This isn't bad but not really translucent enough.

    I'd be grateful if anyone point me to a paper supplier in the UK who might have what I need. (thin, light, translucent). I'll be printing very simple stuff, thin lines and minimal text.

    Having said that, it's quite exciting to get my hands on a large format printer, and the illustrator/artist in me now wants to buy some canvas and play! ;)