Looking for a print company to source my large projects to

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  1. sfoster

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    Dec 2012
    I am a marketing company that focuses on direct mail. I have been handling the printing in house, but it is growing to fast to keep up with demand. I am looking for a reliable print and mail filament company to partner with. This is going to be high volume between our customers (50-150k per month). To give you an idea, this month alone on just referral base we did over 100k letters. I am spending too much time printing instead of focusing on what I do best.

    Below is an idea of what we need and who we want to work with. I can provide document samples to give you an idea.

    *Must be able to do variable data printing
    *Be able to do mail fillment (standard/first class)
    *Our best marketing piece is a handwritten font on a lined piece of paper stuffed into a 6x9 envelope.
    *We will also look into postcards and regular mail pieces (8.5x11 inserted into NO10 Envelope)
    *Reasonable turn times.
  2. Allied Printing

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    Jan 2014
    Austin, Texas USA
    Hello Sfoster,

    If you are still looking for a printer to outsource your printing and mailing to, contact me at john@alliedprintingand mailing.com and we can discuss your needs.
  3. Brandon Redding

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    Apr 2019
    Columbia, SC
    Hello Sfoster,

    We are an on-demand digital print and fulfillment shop with in-house mailing. Selfishly, we are looking to partner with a company that could increase our volume enough to warrant the purchase of a large inkjet press. The quality of the inkjet is second to none and does not scratch which is important when mailing. Currently we have an HP 7800 and a Xerox Versant 3100. It looks like the quantities you suggest could easily get us there. Also, we have other options available for mailing that could significantly lower your costs. If you are interested in saving money and would like to work with a company that is more like a partner than a vendor, please contact me at bredding@spectraintegration.com.