Konica AccurioPress 6100 print settings for ThermaTac Vinyl Nekoosa

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  1. Tonisha Echeverri

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    Jun 2020
    just thought I would post settings that have worked for us for printing Nekoosa ThermaTac Vinyl 12x18 sheets on Konica AccurioPress 6100:

    tray 3, 177-216 g/m2, plain, 1 sided

    These are in advanced settings:
    Fuser temp front and side settings on print are -20
    Front speed feed is -100
    Fan separation is at 7 (max)
    Double Feed detection OFF

    You need to save it as a paper catalog. At the bottom of the panel, you will see a reg/del paper set. You need to create a paper catalog item and save the settings to the paper. Then any time you use that paper, you can select that paper and your settings will be saved.
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