Komori L528 Side Lay alignment

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    Jan 2022
    I have a Lithrone L528 2002 Model
    When we initially turn the press on in the morning the side lays continue to tick over to try and find position for about 90 minutes, before we can start using the press. they start of clicking quickly, and then slow down over about a 90 minute period. A couple of years ago when this started happening, it would fix itself in about 15 minutes, but now its grown gradually to about 90 minutes. We have had a couple of people look at it and they think they have narrowed it down to an electrical component in the operator console unit.
    In the console unit, Model AMR2 A12E-5, there is a bank of board / units.
    The panel on the left of this bank has 3 lights, being Fail, Halt and Run.
    While the side lays are trying to position for about 60 minutes, the Fail light is light up. For the next 20 or 30 minutes the clicking of the side lays slows down, the Fail light goes off but then the Halt and the Run light flash on and off alternately. Finally after about another 10 or 15 minutes the clicking of the side lays stops and the Halt light goes out and the Run light stays on and we are right to go. Has anyone had this issue in the past and resolved it ?


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