KOMORI L 540 +C 1997-1999 good investment?

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    Apr 2013
    Hi people,

    I am from germany and new here, but I have read tons of info here and in european forums about 4/5/6 colour machnies. and ... I still need your help!

    We are a small company with 20 people. Our main business is "converting" - so printing is only about 20% of our task. We use an old 1989 SM72 two colour + coater at the moment. But makereadytimes and quality "force" us, to make an investment.

    We want / need to change to 70x100 format and 4 colors+coater. I have been looking for CD102 1995-1999 because we are heidelberg guys for 50 years now... Our pressman is working for 25 years on CDs now and our maintanance folks are very realiable 3rd-party-heidelberg guys...

    well...despite that, some people told me, that KOMORI 440/540 +C would be perfect for me (not so expensive, but comparable setuptimes and quality to the CD102.) Is that right? Why would Komori then be cheaper? What do I need to be careful about?

    thanks a lot for your help! European / German forums do not have s much experience with Komori, then you seem to have!

    kind regards to the US and the rest of the world from germany

    oh - the machine should not cost more than 350K USD after installation in Germany.