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    Good Day Everyone,

    We have recently started experiencing a problem with PILING on both our QMDI's after installing NEW rollers. If you refer to the attached pictures you will see clearly what I am going to describe in this post.

    Please Note: we are running our inks as CMYK (Units 1,2, 3 & 4) - we have changed the order from the usual order and have been running as such for many years now.

    So unit 2 is Magenta and Unit 4 is Black.

    Our problem is evident on unit 4 where it seems that when we print a solid red block (which unfortunately for us is on 90% of our jobs), the RED ink transfers to both the YELLOW (unit #3) and BLACK (Unit#4) blankets and is damaging the plates on these to units to such an extent, that these two plates are now printing these marks onto the sheet. It is not so much of a problem with the yellow plate as you can hardly notice the yellow image over the red solid but in the case of Unit#4 (BLACK), this is resulting in black "printing" on the edges of the RED solid (see pictures please).

    This problem only started since we recently changed the rollers in both presses. Does anyone have any idea what the cause may be? We are running Vanson Sonadry Inks and always have. Temperature in the shop is not a problem. Water pressures in the presses is the same as we have always run at. Blankets are NEW.

    The only thing that has changed is the NEW ROLLERS. Any thoughts on roller pressures that may be causing this issue?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated - I am stumped!

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    I asked an operator at a shop that I know has had this problem. I hope this input is of some use. Good luck.

    "Check to make sure blankets are under packed correctly. Double check ink form stripes/pressure. Double check water form stripes/pressure."
    "Check temperature of rollers while running."
    "That's where I would start. "