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HPI WS4600 7 Colors - year 2013 - aprox 32 mil impressions

Discussion in 'Indigo Presses for Sale' started by rolermanto, Nov 20, 2022.

  1. rolermanto

    rolermanto Senior Member

    Dec 2011
    Press is in Production - Will be replaced in December by an HPI6900
    • Serial-Number 22400047

    • Commissioning in January 2013

    • Impressions around 32 million
    Technical specifications
    Print method Printing: Digital-Offset-Colour-Printing press with liquid ink “One Shot Process“
    Speed: Up to 16 m/min. in 4-colour mode - Up to 32 m/min. in 1- or 2-colour mode
    Image resolution Line screens: 812 dpi x 812 dpi - 144 (sequin), 160. 175, 180, 230 lpi
    Web width: 200 - 330 mm
    Image format: 308 mm x 450 mm
    Substrate thickness: 12 to 350 microns
    Number of colours: 7-colour (up to 7-colours maximum)
    Rip: "HP Indigo Labels and Packaging Server powered by Esko“ - Hp Proliant 350 ML - Preloaded Windows 2003 - JLYT Driver (incl. connectivity Modul)
    Network: TCP/IP 10/100/1000 Base-T
    Input format: PostScript® Level 3, PDF, JLYT, JPEG, PPML
    Climatisation: Chiller needs to be organized by customer

    Included Options
    Other colours: 5th colour (incl OFIR on-press fast ink replacement), 6th colour, 7th colour
    Incl. hardware and software

    HP SmS L&P Esko Server Gen6
    Price € 65.000 Ex-works with Nilpeter Rewinder
    Customer will keep the model in the pictures for new WS6900

    PHOTO-2022-11-02-16-51-14 2.jpg PHOTO-2022-11-02-16-51-14 3.jpg PHOTO-2022-11-02-16-51-14 4.jpg PHOTO-2022-11-02-16-51-14.jpg