How to get best quality on business cards on XEROX C570 ?

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  1. PaulD

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    Jul 2019
    I am new in printing business. I just got Xerox C570 production machine. From last few days I tried printing business cards on this machine. Print comes ok but I am still not very happy with color quality of these business cards. I am using C2SCover 19”*13” 14pt 92Br sheets to print these cards.

    I have printed some posters on same machine and colors are better than business cards, so I am not sure if i can use different settings to make quality more better.

    Could anybody please suggest me best settings to print these cards so i can get more impressive and vibrant colors on my business cards.

    if you have any questions, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance
  2. xfactor printing

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    Jan 2011
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    If you print the poster file on the business card stock, are the colors still good?

    Want to rule out unseen differences in the files.

    Could be the printer's color calibration for different stocks, or could be color profile difference in original files.

    One file could have a spot color that is converted to CMYK either in the application or the RIP. Or one file could be converted from RGB to CMYK with swop2 profile and another could be printed with wider gamut or different profile or rendering intent changing how RGB colors are converted to CMYK.
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    I agree with X.
    Were the business cards and posters printed on the same media?

    Part of the problem is that 14pt media is way out spec for this machine. I think the Max GSM is 300, maybe 325?

    Lastly when it comes to color, assuming the device is calibrated and the work is printed with the proper setting, color issues usually exist within the file.
    It's often a mystery (without PitStop or other pre-press software) as to what the working color space is, and/or the color space of the objects within the file.

    Do you have the file handy to attach? I'm a color analyst for the company I work for.

    In the meantime, take the same file and print it on a media that's in spec. And see what the output looks like.
    It could very well be toner, that's not fully fused, that you're lookin at.