Help troubleshooting Xerox Phaser 7700 print issues

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    Nov 2020
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    I recently picked up an old Xerox Phaser 7700 color laser printer and was wondering if anyone could help me troubleshoot the substandard print quality I’m getting. The previous owner told me the printer was from a church that used it to do their in-house print collateral and the printer hasn't been used in some time.

    I've been replacing the consumable parts to get it up to specs, however, the print quality is still less than stellar.

    Here’s what I’ve done/replaced…
    • Accumulator belt w/cleaner (new OEM)
    • Print cartridges (drums) (new OEM)
    • Fuser (new OEM)
    • Transfer Roll (new OEM)
    • Exit wheels (were getting soft and spongy)
    • Run cleaning protocols from the main menu (not Service mode)
    The toner is OEM and in the printer when I got it. I've cleaned the laser apertures with the cleaning wand. The printer doesn't generate any error codes and shows all consumables at, or near, 100%. Duplexer works great without any jams. I’ve assembled some print samples in PDF to help troubleshoot (see attached). You'll notice a weird arrow pattern that appears on prints, now and again.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated before I take this monster to the shop. ;-)


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