Help Please - Large Format Flatbed UV Printer advice needed

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    Jul 2021
    Hi there,

    Complete printing novice here flying blind and utterly confused/bemused.

    Hoping one of you wonderful print experts can assist.

    I am looking for a printer to print to the below specs:
    • Material - Memory foam sheets (PVC or Polyurethane)

    • Dimensions of up to 210cm x 140cm and 1.6cm thick

    • Able to print white

    I am looking to print separately, piece by piece (not roll to roll).

    The end product will be used as a floormats so I need the printer and ink to create a finished product that is:

    • Robust - ink will not delaminate from the foam

    • Waterproof

    • Flexible (it will be rolled in transit)

    • Child friendly

    • No residual ink odor

    As a novice the wealth of specs and information out there is immense as I’m sure you know. I seem to be receiving so much conflicting advice from the printing companies I have spoken to.

    Some say I’ll need pre and post treatments to seal the ink:

    • Pre printing treatment: Auxiliary Spray (degreasing water)

    • Post printing treatment: Polyurethane fixing agent spray

    So far I’ve got to the point of knowing I need a Large Format Flatbed UV Printer.

    If anyone had any advice on:

    • What printer you recommend

    • Suitable inks for this purpose

    • Tips on pre and post printing processing

    I would be forever in your debt!