Filling the dryer liquid cooling system on a 2008 SM 74

Discussion in 'Heidelberg Printing Presses' started by ChiPrint, Sep 10, 2020.

  1. ChiPrint

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    Sep 2020
    Chicago, Illinois
    I have noticed the dryer turning off shortly after powering up and running. The water pressure was below 1 bar, so I attached the water fill connection to a water hose with very good pressure, I attempted to fill it, but it seems as if the hose hook-up is not allowing any water in since I took off the hose with the water turned off and it still had pressure in the line. I have tried to turn the valve to bleed any air, but it clicks, purges a slight amount, then continues to go full circle to yet click again. I've read the manual and nothing in the text describes anything in what I am seeing. Any specific directions to remedy this would be great.
  2. Quig

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    Aug 2020
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    Is it a CAN dryer. If so you will find a bleeder valve ( looks like a tire valve stem) , in line, above and to left of fill port. Remove cap and depress stem like letting air out of a tire to bleed system.