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Discussion in 'Inkjet Paper' started by ScottyCCFC, Oct 2, 2018.

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    Oct 2018
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    Hi all

    Just a novice here so sorry in advance if this is a stupid question most of ye. I am using a Canon Inkjet A3 ip8750.

    When I print via Photoshop etc on Glossy A3 300gsm paper it comes out perfect but when Im using non glossy regular 300gsm A3 paper the ink seems very flat and dull. Is there a setting I am using wrong here? I am well aware more info is probably required but I am hoping there is some basic troubleshooting I could do.
    Edit: I am printing in PDF format saved from RGB. Assume this might be an issue? Again when printing glossy its fine.

    I do have printer manages color/colour checked as when I have photoshop checked the colors/colours are all wrong a very greyish print.

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    Maybe you could share a small picture of the issue.

    I'd expect prints on "regular" uncoated paper to lack the color punch and depth of prints on coated from any inkjet printer.