Epson Artisan 1430: 1 flashing green. 6 constantly on red lights.

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    Mar 2022
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    Good day to all.

    The printer that is giving me problems is an Epson Artisan 1430 with a CCIS tank system.

    I have done many searches looking for what it indicates when the green power button is blinking, and the 6 no-cartridge red lights are constantly on, but NOT-blinking. I have found hundreds of links regarding Blinking red lights, but nothing about solid red lights.

    I am unsure now if the solid red lights were the reason I removed, cleaned, and reinstalled the printer head and surrounding components as well as emptied the internal waste tank.

    As I was reinstalling the CSIC holder assembly, I notice a missing contact pin. I order a complete assembly and installed it when it arrived.

    Unfortunately, I am still getting the solid red lights.

    After many internet and YouTube searches, I did what was recommended regarding blinking red lights:

    1) Ensure the contact surfaces of the CSIC holder assembly and the cartridges are clean.

    2) Removed CSIC holder assembly and checked to see if both ribbon cables were inserted correctly.

    3) With power on, remove cartridges and power off and unplug printer. Wait for one hour and turn printer back on. Insert cartridges and press the low ink button on top of the printer.

    4) Try a new set of cartridges.

    I have done all these things multiple times without success.

    I am now at a loss what to do next and hope you folks can diagnose what the error is and get me pointed in the right direction of what I should do next.

    Thank you for your time.

    All the best to you. John