Epson 9600 pro - cleaning with piezo flush

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    Hi all,

    We have an Epson 9600 pro which we purchased new almost 15 years ago. It has never once been serviced, only now after all this time does it appear to need cleaning beyond its own cleaning cycle.

    Its the normal version, not the ultrachrome inks version.

    We have found out that the machine is no longer supported, but parts do still appear to be available, especially print heads.

    I watched an excellent video on youtube showing how to clean the cleaning pads and the ends of the nozzles using piezo flush and now have a bottle of this on its way from the states to here in the uk. I didn't fancy the 'window cleaning fluid' option.

    Now that its on its way, cost me only £35.00 gbp inc shipping, im wondering if I should do this at all, considering the age of my machine and that its never had any new parts other than maintenance tanks.

    Has anyone else here done this ?

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  2. James Bemus

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    Jan 2018
    I have, with limited success on the two 9600's I've owned. It sounds like yours is using the dye based inks, which are much less prone to clogging. If the cleaning with the piezo flush on the pads does not help then I would consider the following, in order of likelyhood of being your problem here:
    Print head dampers are clogged (need replacing)
    Pump is failing (needs replaced)
    Air leaks in the ink line connections.
    Other blockage in the ink lines.
    Here is a link to the service manual: manual.pdf
    If the piezo flush on the pads does not work, normally I will fill some cartridges with the piezo flush (or similar) and run it through the system, then reload the inks.

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