Duplo DC-10 mini not pulling sheets / interface with DBM-120

Discussion in 'Collator-Booklet Maker Systems' started by Ryan Johnson, Jan 14, 2022.

  1. Ryan Johnson

    Ryan Johnson New Member

    Jan 2022
    Austin, TX
    I've got a working Duplo DBM-120 bookletmaker that I want to use with secondhand collator I bought, a Duplo DC-10 mini. But I cannot get the collator to pull sheets. I've been able to set up the bookletmaker to coordinate/accept the collator, but I have yet to find an installation manual for the collator that shows how to get it to interface with the bookletmaker. I have the proper output unit installed on the collator, & have connected them via the proper cables.

    The issue I am running into is: no matter which dip switch settings or manner of setup I use, no matter if I press the setup or run buttons on the collator, the trays of collator move up and down three times, & then give me either a blinking or solid light (depending on if the setup or run button is pressed) on all the trays that have paper. The rollers do not try to pull any paper.

    The person I bought the collator from is stumped, as is the tech I have been in touch with (though he has not been able to come out to look at the units in person).

    Any ideas? Is there an installation manual for the DC-10 mini that I am missing (I've looked online)?

    Thank you thank you