Duplex Issues on Windows 10 (Xerox 4127)

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  1. Keigan

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    I have been having 0 luck in regards to getting my 4127 to duplex from either of the PC's in the office. They happen to be both using Windows 10. There is a Mac that works fine duplexing.

    I've typically not dealt with smaller machines, since I had been running iGen's and 800's for the last number of years, but my old shop did have smaller machine's that worked fine from my Win 7 machine.

    I have tried multiple drivers, settings and I have run out of ideas. I've searched the net with no luck either. Simplex works fine, and if I choose duplex it'll run 2 sheets simplex.

    If I connect to the machine via IP and upload a file to print, I can achieve duplex, so it leads me to believe it must be on the Windows side. I wish I had a Win7/8 machine to try on.

    Anyone have the same issue, or know of something for me to try? I greatly appreciate any help!

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    I don't have an answer on this print driver for you. However, if you haven't found a solution, you can download a Windows 7 Hyper-V image from https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/ that let's you run a windows 7 virtual machine (time limited) on windows 10 pro to test the win 7 print driver (you have to enable hyper-v under programs and features.)

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