Creating a new Media ICC profile, colors still off

Discussion in 'Color Management' started by ATAC Norge, Mar 7, 2017.

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    Mar 2017
    Hei there!

    I want to create a new ICC profile for my DyeSub printer. I have been using the default CMYK profile for some time, but as business is growing, I want to be more correct on the colors.

    So I do have a Xrite i1 Pro for measurement, as well as the x1Profiler software. But I use FlexiSign Pro for RIP and print. So I created a new ICC profile in Flexi.

    So far so good, the process of creating the profile was easy.

    When I print some pictures, those look vivid and colorful. But when I want to print a specific color, the final printed result is just way off.

    For comparisation I use a Pantone color chart which shows CMYK equivalent to Pantone colors.

    So, just in general, what did I miss here?

    I disabled color management, did the linearization, printed the color patches, measured those, created the profile, enabled color management with the new profile. :confused:

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