CP Tronic Screen - HEIDELBERG MOZ -S+ YOC 1991

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  1. Dietrich Laurent

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    Oct 2017
    Hello everybody!
    Can somebody help me?

    Im restarting my old MOZ -S+ 1991 and the CP tronic monitor doesn't start.
    - The control panel is ON but the screen remains OFF.
    - I've already checked the high voltage card; input voltage is OK (21V) ouput (200V)? but i can't be sure cause my measuring device doesn't work beyond 1000v.

    Can someone send me the wiring diagram from a CP Tronic monitor?
    And can i plug a standard computer monitor with an IDC 15pin to VGA in place of the old CP tronic screen?

    Thanks, Best regard.
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  2. CHOCK

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    Dec 2016
    Good day Sir:
    Hope you are well, in union with this family.
    After checking the tech documentation I do not know what type of Display you have : a) Panasonic b( Oki.
    Whatever you have the voltages is any cases 1) Test for Panasonic:+205Vdc b)OKI:+200Vdc c)Panasonic :+5Vdc d)+5vdc OKi,
    You must go to the T1 secondary transformer Main: and test the Output if is o.k according with the schematic diagrams , AND adjust any tap necessary.
    2)Test the DNK2-1 stecker plug: 1)15VAC 2)20VAC 3) 27Vac this voltages is coming from secondary tap main transforme 13T1
    3) Test the power supply :+24Vdc +5vdc in order to get if the PCBs is O.k or are Interrupted by lack of power supply coming from the output from the secondary main transforme 13T1 to the Main Bridge Rectifiers.
    Note: Attached i did a simple Block diagram for CPTRONIC DISPLAY.
    Let me know any question or doubt or send me email

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