Common (48) cylinder finish for goss metro color half deck

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  1. Jake Shiner

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    Dec 2019
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    Hey all,
    We have been having issues with our dampening roller/ spray bar giving us splotchy water marks on one of our half decks. We have changed out the roller, checked bearings and hardness, set to "Goss spec", changed spray bar nozzles, and done just about everything we could think of. One thing that came up in our discussions was that maybe it is the finish on the cylinder itself. All of our other 48 cylinders have a chrome finish that allows the water to lay down nice and even keeping it clean. This unit has a much more dull finish and the water does not spread even. On the paper we get very spotty water marks like someone is spitting on the paper and it looks terrible. Any thoughts? I was curious if anyone has heard of a product that could be applied to the cylinder to give it the desired affect. I'm open to anything at this point since I'm tired of having to choose between a dirty common cylinder transferring to print or having water spots all over the paper.

    Thanks for anything you guys can offer on this!
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    Feb 2019
    Don't know if this is his area of expertise on the press, but he knows Goss presses and has a great reputation.
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