Clear film printing HELP

Discussion in '1-Color and 2-Color Offset Presses' started by Alex Rodriguez, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Alex Rodriguez

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    Feb 2018
    Hello everyone! I am new in this area of printing. I was using only digital. I want to expand my business and I will buy a 1 color offset press and want to print among paper, clear(transparent) Bopp(or pvc, don't know yet my customer material) labels. I would need to add one or two layers of white ink for opacity with some holes in it. Please tell me how would you do that from your professional opinion.
    Also, in this kind of offset press is it possible to determine and adjust the thickness of ink layer? If I want a layer thin and the other thicker can i do it?
    I was thinking due to the type of material that I will use(clear film) to attach an UV drier to the press and use UV curable inks.
    Please tell me your opinion and help me!
    Thank you a lot!
    Best regards!