Any PrintShop Mail users?

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    We use Print Shop Mail for variable printing. Has anyone ever used this program? We use it for variable data and variable image printing. We have been having some problems with the same image printing on both sides, the variable data image also repeats on the front - but it's not supposed to. The program does the imposition, and it's by some French company - it's not the cheap program you buy at office supply stores. Unless you spend the $800 every year you don't get much technical support. The program is easy but sometimes the iGen seems to have a conflict. I think it's not the software but some glitch in the FreeFlow software.

    There have also been times when I am printing a customer submitted job that is a PDF with data records already built in. Already setup multi-up. The freeflow will process the job, and then fault out after printing only so many pages. You then have to find out where it left off and resubmit the job.

    Does anyone else have problems similar to this using imposition software?
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    no. we use gmc inspire. but Ive experienced both those problems in freeflow. for the files faulting.... (mine would just appear as completed) I ended up changing the memory allocations. On occasion, still get this problem with pdfs. try sending smaller amounts of pages.

    for the duplex problem, try outputting as postscript. Im not familiar with that system, but you should be able to say duplex/simplex. Postscript is the only reliable way Ive found. Otherwise you have to rely on freeflow, which is a xerox product, and well... xerox.... :)

    sorry cant help you exactly.