Alternatives to Offset Printing (Short/Medium Run - Most Under 1,000 to 2,000 copies)

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    Oct 2015
    We are an Offset/Digital Press business here in Malaysia.

    We own the following:-

    2x Heidelberg CD 102-4
    1x Heidelberg SM 52-4
    1x Ricoh C9100
    1x Canon C800

    We are specialized in bookets, magazines, newspapers, etc. printing. Mostly A5 A4 A3 sizes.

    We are quite impressed with how digital printing has evolved, but somehow, digital printing (toner based) costs is only viable for short run. Anything above 150-200 copies, offset is basically cheaper (and that's with all costs of printing, CTP plates, proofs, paper wastages, etc. all included).

    Most of our customers print in the range of 500, 800, 1000, 2000 copies.

    We are looking for an alternative, to reduce the printing cost, as the offset printing industry around us is getting way too saturated, and it's driving us nuts, because everyone is lowering their prices, and it's eating steadily into our profit.

    We are currently averaging 20 to 30 (short runs by offset standards) sets of 4 colors (CMYK) jobs a day, and each averaging in between 500 up to 1000 impressions (on our Heidelberg CD 102-4 28" x 40").

    We are seriously looking for the best alternative to bring our costs down, and of course if possible, increase productivity too. We like the idea of digital printing not needing as many man powers to work on, and not as reliant on operator for color settings, etc. and there is no down time on replacing CTP's, reducing wastages etc. But at the moment, is there another cheaper alternative to offset ?