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  1. CargoPantsMan

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    Apr 2014
    Running 11x17" 70# offset text, basic easy stock right?

    No matter what tray I'm running it from it keep coming out the registration deck about 10mm inboard.

    Clean every roller between tray feeder and prefuser, and still every first sheet BAM! 10mm IB, completely missing the prefuser 1 sensor and throwing the LE late to fault.

    Ran the sheets from our designated calibration tray but kept the stats 80 gloss text and it ran fine.

    So now I'm running a job on uncoated text with the machine thinking it is gloss without a hitch.

    BUT WHY?!?!
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  2. peels

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    curling? is it only happening after duplex? or first pass too? 70# offset is like buttah' to my igen.

    sounds familiar.... but completely opposite to what seems natural. gloss works, offset doesnt!? lets see..

    re-measure the paper! and make sure drawer guides are tight to sides

    check that it doesn't have a low corner in the drawer-bumps and/or folds on the way out.

    reg sensor on the fritz?

    something afoul in the TAB?

    reboot, pray.

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