2014 Indonesia Corrugated Industry Summit Reap the Full Support of Indonesian Corruga

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    2014 Indonesia Corrugated Industry Summit, organized by Reed Exhibitions and co-organized by the Indonesian Corrugated Cardboard Industries Association (PICCI), will be held on Sep 22th~24th, 2014 at Pullman Jakarta Central Park Hotel. Since the foundation of SinoCorrugated in 2001, the Indonesian Corrugated Cardboard Industries Association (PICCI) has been in support of SinoCorrugated for 10 years. This summit will blow the horn of the global expansion of SinoCorrugated.

    Introduction of the Indonesian Corrugated Cardboard Industries Association (PICCI)
    Indonesian Corrugated Cardboard Industries Association (PICCI) is the official association of carton box and corrugated cardboard manufacturers in Indonesia.

    Since the establishment of this association in 1973, PICCI has been committed to a twofold mission. Firstly, it is PICCI’s aim to unite carton box manufacturers and the supporting industries in Indonesia by encouraging the sharing of information and greater mutual understanding among association members. Secondly, PICCI is committed to enhance our business environment through healthy competition.

    And the vision today at PICCI is to inspire all the members to become professional players in our industry while at the same time preparing them to compete on an equal footing with global players.

    All members of PICCI are manufacturing companies of carton boxes, ranging from small-scale producers with only one corrugation machine to large manufacturers with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The members serve a variety of customers both within Indonesia as well as overseas in several business sectors, including consumer goods, electronics and pharmaceuticals. Every corrugated carton box manufactured by a PICCI member is tailor-made to meet each individual customer’s specification.

    Associate PICCI members include the essential supporting industries, including suppliers of ink, glue, and machinery as well as paper manufacturers.

    The main purpose at PICCI is to maintain industry standards and ensure that all our members refrain from any conduct that could impede their operations or development. At the same time, PICCI is committed to encouraging greater cooperation as well as mutual responsibility between PICCI members in order to produce higher quality products.

    PICCI believes this can be achieved by focusing on three specific areas. Firstly, by increasing and developing PICCI members’ expertise through training and seminars. Secondly, through sharing information among PICCI members as well as providing consultation when and where necessary. And thirdly, to ensure continued, on-going improvements in the production process of PICCI members to achieve a higher level of efficiency.

    In terms of short-term objectives, PICCI is dedicated to ensure that the association members remain manufacturers of high quality carton boxes with added value. In addition, PICCI is also dedicated to providing the best benefits to all PICCI members in terms of our dealing on members’ behalf with third parties such as conference and exhibition organizers, customers and suppliers as well as technical and government institutions. 2014 Indonesia Corrugated Industry Summit reveals the motive powers of the Indonesian Corrugated Cardboard Industries Association (PICCI).

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